1byone 436NA USB Microphone cover


  • Suitable for any OS or device
  • Unique and convenient design
  • No installation required
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Convenient tripod stand
  • Great for many purposes
  • Very reasonable price


  • Cables might be short but are easily replaceable since they’re pretty much universal


I was amazed at how cheap 1byone 436NA USB microphone is after a lot of testings where it didn’t disappoint me even a little. It’s really compact and convenient USB microphone that will help you with your digital recordings, no matter the purpose. It really works for everything from gaming to chatting or even voice-overs. It’s definitely a catch for the price it’s selling, and my advice would be to get two right away since they’re available. They’re selling out pretty quickly, too.

If you’re looking for the simplest USB microphone which you can just plug in and use it straight out of the box – 1byone 436NA is a great choice. Versatility and portability are becoming even more important than it was ever before. Therefore, such USB microphones are really stepping up the recording game.

Design and Build Quality

1byone manage to make their 436NA looks like any other microphone that radio stations use. It has a design of a capsule which looks very neat and clean. At the front, it has an aluminum grill with a number 1, while the rest of the microphone is made from a hard plastic.

It’s coated with a black color which really gives this microphone the attractive look. It also comes with a custom tripod desk stand which makes it even more good looking.

In hands, 1byone 436NA USB microphone feels great in general, and you can feel the premium quality that will give you a feeling of durability and reliability.

The front of the microphone is very minimalistic and clean so there are no buttons at all. Everything is positioned at the back of the microphone. You will find USB port, and 3.5 mm headphone jack port as well, except the mute button with LED light at the very top.

It’s perfect for voice recordings, voice-overs, podcasts,  chatting, and many other purposes. It connects simply through the USB port which is located at the back and it gives tangle-free experience.

Audio Quality and Features

1byone 436NA USB microphone is a condenser type microphone which features cardioid pick-up pattern which reduces the ambient noise by picking up the closest sounds to the microphone. At the same time, it offers a high-quality crystal clear audio which is suitable for vocal recordings and even chatting.

The connection happens through the USB connection which is very simple. Therefore, no additional power source or rechargeable batteries are necessary for this microphone.

If you’re looking for a microphone that will focus mainly on your voice while eliminating anything else from the sides – this is definitely a great choice.

What Is In the Box?

When you order this USB microphone, you will receive in the box 1byone 436NA USB microphone, tripod desk stand, one micro USB to USB cable, and one lightning cable for mobile devices connection. There is also the user’s manual and warranty information included in the packaging.