About Us

Have you found yourself randomly purchasing microphones that are supposedly “good”, just in hope to find the right microphone that will meet all your needs? That’s really unnecessary since here you can find everything about the most popular and the best microphones that are currently selling on the market.

What Do We Offer

First of all, thank you for visiting Microphones Lab, and we’re very happy to have you here. We personally test any microphones that we can get our hands on, and write in-depth reviews from a point of an average customer and user. Things you won’t find out by reading the details from a manufacturer’s page, or listening the salesman can be found in our review posts.

Of course, we always take our time and actually use the microphone for a good amount of time to gather intel before actually writing a review. That way, you only get the most accurate review and information, without any kind of sugar coat. In case there’s no microphone review you’re looking for – it’s most likely getting tested or written. But feel free to make requests as well. Other than review posts, we also like to share our knowledge and experience with the things that we are dealing on a daily basis by testing out the microphones and making audio recordings of many types.

Who is Microphones Lab For?

Microphones Lab is for everyone and we welcome anyone who’s interested in audio recording, microphones, and other related types of equipment. Through our content, we’re trying to make sure that it’s suitable for the newest beginners out there, but also for the most advanced people. We would also appreciate if you could support the us since it costs absolutely nothing, and it would benefit everyone.

You’ve read it all the way down to here huh, that means a lot to us.

Thank you for being here again, and have a lot of fun browsing through the site.

Your Microphones Lab Team