AKG Pro Audio WMS40 Mini2 Microphone cover


• Great sound
• Two units at a very good price
• 30 hours of operation on a single battery


• Using both units at the same time can be tricky
• They aren’t super durable


The fact that these units are made out of plastic make them super easy to break. But that’s why you need to be very careful with using them. Thankfully the performance is great and the sound quality is astonishing. Which means that if you do want some nice microphones, these might very well be right up your alley!

If you want to record yourself in a proper manner, you do need a good microphone. And most of the time this can cost you quite a lot. But the reality is that models like the AKG Pro Audio WMS40 Mini2 are inexpensive and still deliver the value and professionalism you want. Is this the model you want though?

Design and build quality

This is actually a set of two microphones, so you get a pretty good deal. The design is pretty good, they do a very good job at showing the battery level on the unit. And each unit comes with its own individual mini screen. That’s handy actually, because some unit might be used a lot more than the other. So it does make sense to use a tool like that.

As for the product quality, it’s ok. You have mostly plastic here, as well as a bit of metal. It’s not the ultimate build quality, but you have a great microphone system here for the money. So in the end you have to lose some build quality for the price. Which is still ok.


The most important thing for a lot of customers will be the audio quality. And thankfully the AKG Pro Audio WMS40 Mini2 does deliver on that. You have a crystal clear audio quality that helps provide some amazing, very powerful performances.

Also, the installation process is pretty fast, and that means you have some really interesting accurate results without that much of an effort. That goes to show the true benefits offered by this unit. In addition, you get 30 hours of operation from a single AA sized battery unit. That’s amazing, and it showcases the true power of this product and how astonishing can things really be in the first place.

They also added a switched mode power connector kit. So no matter where you use the AKG Pro Audio WMS40 Mini2, you will acquire the best performance and quality. As for the units themselves, the microphone is pretty light and the fact that you have no wires is certainly a huge pro here. It’s one of those things that you will like a lot  just because it has all the features and value you want in a rather comprehensive and distinct package for you to explore and enjoy.

What’s in the box?

The box is not that comprehensive. You have the two AKG Pro Audio WMS40 Mini2 microphones as well as the central unit. That’s why the installation process is fast and simple, because there’s not a whole lot to use and have here. Which is still ok if you think about it.