Blue Microphones enCORE 100 cover


  • Very robust and durable build
  • Comfortable and minimalistic design
  • Handles noise and feedback very well
  • Doesn’t require a pop filter
  • Suitable for both studio and live performance
  • Perfect for vocal recording
  • Price is reasonable
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • It doesn’t have on/off or mute button which can be annoying sometimes


Blue Microphones is a very well-known brand in the world of microphones, but if you don’t know anything about them, you’re about to find out. In case you aren’t sure, they always offer a warranty to have you covered.

With the features such as proprietary capsule, you won’t even need to spend money on additional accessories such as a pop filter. It’s very reasonably priced and it offers a lot of value for the money.

Microphones come in different shapes, sizes, types, and what else not. However, taking the action and choosing the right microphone can benefit you in a long run. On the other hand, it can break your budget.

It’s important to gather as much information as possible before the purchase of any microphone. And that’s what you will get here exactly about the Blue Microphones enCORE 100.

Design and Build Quality

Blue Microphones enCORE 100 isn’t the typical average microphone you might be seeing. Although, it might look like at the first glance.

This microphone features a standard microphone shaped body which is made of both aluminum and plastic. It combines two different colors, making the aluminum grill top part silver, while the rest of the microphone is a mixture of blue and gray color featuring the soft-grip for a hand.

It’s very ergonomically shaped so it fits well in the hand, and at the same time, it’s keeping the minimalistic yet premium look.

Since it offers durable build and construction, it’s suitable for stage, but also for studio use. It’s optimized to be used for vocals.

The connections happen by wireless connectivity, which eliminates any cable tangling negative experiences. The interesting fact is that Blue Microphones enCORE 100 only weights 12 ounces.

Audio Quality and Features

Blue Microphones enCORE 100 features Aria Dynamic capsule which perfects for natural vocals, paying close attention to the detail and clarity of the sound.

This microphone has a cardioid polar pattern that is made to deliver exceptional off-axis noise rejection. Even at high volumes, any noise will be eliminated.

Therefore, no pads or pop filters are necessary to be used with Blue Microphones enCORE 100. It already has everything integrated to reject and eliminate the noise.

It connects to the XLR output and it does require a phantom power. However, there are no drivers or any installation necessary.

Blue Microphones enCORE 100 sounds very warm and is great for vocal recordings. It is even good for live performance. Noise cancellation is reliable and therefore, there should be no problems during any sort of performance.

In some cases, it could be even suitable for some light acoustic instrumental recording purpose.

What Is In the Box?

When you order and receive Blue Microphones enCORE 100, you will get an enCORE 100 microphone, suitable microphone clip, and a premium storage pouch.

You will also receive a 2-year limited warranty which will back you up in any case of failure of problem.