Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB Microphone cover


  • Portable studio-quality microphone
  • Different connection abilities
  • Specific vintage look
  • The lightest microphone on the market
  • Convenient control buttons
  • Durable design and premium feel
  • Perfect for voice recordings on a go
  • Various patents for improved sound quality
  • Price is affordable for a mobile USB microphone of this quality
  • Amazing portability


  • When picking up two voices at the same time, quality isn’t as good as it is when it picks up one voice
  • Software firmware has some glitches and bugs


Even although the price is a little bit higher than other USB microphones on the market, there are many reasons for that. Company Blue has created something amazing for people who like to travel and need a quick USB mobile microphone that they can use right out of the box for voice-overs.

This USB mobile microphone is also full of patents that improve the audio and usability of the microphone which definitely makes it stand out from the competition. There are some minor issues which don’t mean basically anything when compared to the benefits and advantages Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone offers.

If you aren’t on a very tight budget and you need a microphone that you can use anytime when you’re on a go, but also when you’re at home – I’d highly recommend you to consider this USB mobile microphone because you won’t lose by going for it.

It will leave you far from a disappointment, and it will provide even more benefits than you’re probably expecting.

Are you someone who’s always on a go, no matter how much work you have to do? Recording podcasts, voice-overs, streaming, or simply chatting on Skype and music is something you could do even on a road, in case you didn’t know.

It would be a hard thing to do if there were no mobile USB microphones such as Blue Raspberry Premium. It’s a compact, yet professional audio recording USB microphone for your mobile phone that is easily portable and will let you do all the work no matter where you are.

How does mini portable recording studio sound like? It’s something that could make life a lot easier for many people so stay tuned!

Design and Build Quality

Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone has a very vintage look which reminds on the microphones from the 80s. Even although the name is Blue, the color of this microphone is mostly silver with a red leather-like panel at the front.

It has a great design with a very simple desk stand which is fully adjustable. At the front, there is even a green LED which accomplishes the 80s look by keeping the front side of the microphone very minimalistic.

However, on the back, there are two ports placed for micro USB cable and 3.5 mm headphone jack. At the sides of Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone, you will find a headphone volume controls which at the same time act as microphone level and mute button which is very convenient for effortless live monitoring and recording.

The complete microphone is made from hard plastic, which compromises the 80s look a little bit, but it still preserves the durability, and generally, it still feels great in the hands.

It’s a perfect USB microphone for your mobile phone so you can record podcasting, voice-overs, stream, chat, and record music when you’re on a go.

The cable management is perfect since the micro USB port is located at the back so you will definitely enjoy the tangle-free experience no matter where you use the microphone.

Size of the Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone is approximately the size of an average smartphone nowadays. However, the microphone isn’t as thin as the phone is. Still, this USB microphone still features a pretty compact design that improves the portability.

We are here talking about the USB mobile microphone that weighs a little bit under 1 ounce which is the lightest microphone on the market. You won’t even feel it in your pocket.

It would be ironic if it didn’t after all since it’s the USB microphone for mobile phones that you can take on a go.

The stand is very thin but is far from fragile. It will hold the microphone still anywhere you put it, even on the uneven surfaces.

Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone connects very easily through the USB cable to your phone, and it requires no installation or whatsoever. Simply connect it and you can use it within iOS apps.

It’s also suitable for both Windows and Mac OS X computers.

Audio Quality and Features

Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone has a patented capsule circuitry for detailed sound and precision, which helps offer the studio quality sound. The sound of Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone is crystally clear since the microphone is really good at eliminating surrounding noise.

This USB microphone is full of patents that take it to another level and definitely outruns the other USB microphones within this price range.

It features Internal Acoustic Diffuser that isn’t patented yet but is pending to be patented. The main role of it is to focus on the vocals while minimalizing the background noise.

Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone is an electret condenser microphone type with the cardioid polar pattern.

It also has 16-bit / 24-bit bit depth, while the sampling rate is 44.1 / 48 kHz. Frequency response goes from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The only connection type Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone has is through the USB cable. The port on the microphone is micro USB, which lets you connect this microphone directly to your phone with lightning cable.

Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone doesn’t require any batteries, and the only power source it requires is through the USB cable from your mobile phone.

What Is In the Box?

Once you order and receive the USB mobile microphone, inside your package, you will get Blue Raspberry Premium USB microphone, custom-designed stand, USB lightning cable for connecting and powering the microphone, the user manual and a warranty.