Blue Snowflake USB Microphone cover


  • Very compact and portable
  • Vintage & sleek yet durable and reliable design
  • Perfect for voice recordings
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Amazing cable management
  • Can be placed in many different positions
  • Great at eliminating background noise
  • Very well priced


  • Can’t be attached to laptops that have a thin screen
  • It picks up a lot of noise from the surface it sits on if you move the microphone during the recordings


Blue Snowflake USB microphone has been specially designed for people who like to have the ability of voice recordings on a go. From design, desk stand, to the audio quality – everything about Blue Snowflake is top-notch.

It’s perfect for voice and vocal recordings, and many ways of placement will allow you to always have a place to put the microphone, even when you are working with a small desk.

The price is reasonable and considering the value and all features and benefits, Blue Snowflake offers, it’s really a great USB microphone that can easily be compared to the other microphones within the price range and show great successful results.

There are even no major disadvantages that would make people back off from this microphone, yet it has only positive feedback from the users all around the world.

Blue Microphones is a great company that delivers quality products at a very great price, offering as much value as possible at the same time.

I’d definitely recommend you go for the Blue Snowflake USB microphone and I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

Blue Snowflake is one of the most popular USB microphones on the market and many people like comparing it to the other USB microphones. It’s selling for a very reasonable price, yet it’s built by professional standards that will provide reliable studio recording quality.

The unique design of Blue Microphones will make sure that you easily remember them and recognize them anywhere, yet it will provide you a lot of reliability through its sturdiness.

If you’re looking for a plug n play USB microphone that will offer a great quality, yet is easily portable and adjustable – don’t miss this Blue Snowflake USB microphone review.

Design and Build Quality

Blue Snowflake USB microphone has one of the most unique designs on the market. It’s keeping an old-school design yet has a great stand which is adjustable and gives various different ways to use it. It’s even attachable to the laptop’s screen thanks to the custom stand.

The microphone itself is made out of metal which has a nice silver coating that goes really well with the grill and foam behind the grill design shape. On the other hand, the stand is made from hard plastic which makes it stable but adjustable.

While the main color is silver/gray, there is a blue logo that stands out and is a nice detail.

The design is very neat and minimalistic so there isn’t even a single button on the microphone itself. However, the microphone feels really good in hands. As good as it looks. The material used feels premium and it feels pretty durable even after putting a little bit of pressure on it.

It can handle bumps and hits very well. Since it’s a plug n play type of USB microphone, it’s suitable to be connected to any device that supports USB connections.

The microphone itself is great for many different uses such as podcasting, chatting through various voice software, even voice recognition software, and vocal recordings. If you are on a go constantly, this is the perfect USB microphone on the go.

Since it’s compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, and there are no drivers needed at all. Although the Blue Snowflake USB microphone is a wired-type microphone, it has the best cable management I’ve seen so far. The cable is also the perfect length as it isn’t too short, but it isn’t too long.

The connection port is located at the back of the microphone, and when you’re not using the microphone, there is a mounting box where you can easily fit the USB cable inside and always have it ready.

It weighs almost 9 ounces and it’s easily transportable thanks to the custom stand it comes with.

Audio and Quality Features

Transducer type of Blue Snowflake USB microphone is condenser type which uses pressure gradient through the USB digital output.

The pattern is cardioid which will help pick up the closest sounds to the microphone, while easily be able to eliminate the background sounds and other noise around the microphone. In my opinion, cardioid type goes really well with the design of Blue Snowflake because it allows you to place it in many different spots, yet you will get the equal quality sound all the time.

The sample rate of Blue Snowflake USB microphone is 44.1 kHz / 16 bit which is perfect for digital recordings that will sound just like the studio recordings on your computer. It also features frequency response rate of 35 Hz to 20 kHz which will help you easily turn your computer into a small recording studio, no matter the purpose.

In general, the microphone has a very clear excellent sound without any surrounding noise such as keyboard sound, AC, or even home pets that bark.

Connection happens through the micro USB port at the back of the microphone to the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port on your computer through a simple USB cable.

You can even use the stand of the microphone and attach it to a mini tripod to raise the height with a little bit of figuration. It’s pretty versatile and has very few limits.

Since it connects through the USB port, it’s the main source of the power and additional batteries of power sources aren’t necessary. Simply plug it into the computer, and you’re ready to go.

What Is In the Box?

Inside the box of Blue Snowflake USB microphone, you will get the Blue Snowflake USB microphone that comes with a custom-designed stand, decent length USB cable, and a small mounting box that goes underneath the stand.

There is also a user manual and warranty in the box.