CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone cover


  • Ideal for vocal and instrumental recordings
  • Great at eliminating background noise
  • Built-in pop filter
  • Crystal clear and smooth audio recordings
  • Custom tripod stand
  • Great cable placement and easy management
  • Additional features
  • Affordable price


  • There is some static noise problem that can happen if instructions aren’t followed


If you’re looking a great budget USB dynamic microphone that can almost be compared to professional expensive USB microphones, you’re looking at one very successful USB microphone.

CAD U1 USB microphone is very cheap, yet features a lot of great things that will benefit your recordings. The built-in pop filter just proves how CAD pays attention and designs their microphones with users in mind. It’s definitely worth the price it costs, if not even more.

Dynamic USB microphones are harder to find than condenser USB microphones. However, CAD manufacturers one of the best dynamic USB microphones that are designed for vocal and instrumental recordings.

If you are looking for serious digital audio recording, CAD U1 is a great choice, but let’s see what else CAD U1 offers.

Design and Build Quality

Design of CAD U1 USB microphone isn’t special in any aspects since it’s keeping the same design of a classic old-school microphone.

However, it’s made of a hard plastic material with a metal cap on top which feels really durable, and it fits in the hand very well. While the plastic part is black, the metal cap is silver which gives a nice looking contrast.

On top of the microphone, there is an on/off button which serves as an instant mute button, and it makes the use simple.

CAD U1 USB microphone is specially designed for vocal and instrumental recordings, and therefore, it can be used for chatting, gaming, podcasting, and many other needs.

This microphone is wired and it uses USB cord which is attached to the bottom of the microphone. It’s very easy to manage the cable and keep it from tangling even although the cable is 20ft long.

It uses USB cable to connect to a computer, and it’s ready to be used straight out of the box. However, there are some adjustments you need to do on the computer before the first use. No software is necessary to be installed.

Audio Quality and Features

CAD U1 USB microphone is designed in a way that it will pick up vocals and instruments very well while maintaining the audio quality while digitally processing it.

The audio quality is very great, and the microphone sounds crystal clear, very smooth and responsive to singing, speech, and instruments.

It’s a dynamic microphone which uses cardioid pick-up pattern that helps isolate the main source from the background noise. Therefore, background noise elimination is really efficient. It even has a built-in pop filter that will remove the annoying popping sounds.

Since this USB microphone, it uses the USB port to get the necessary power. Therefore, no charging or batteries are required.

What’s in the Box?

In the CAD U1 USB Dynamic Recording Microphone box, you will receive the CAD U1 USB microphone, 20ft-long USB cable, custom designed tripod stand, and a user’s manual.