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How singing affects the brain

How singing affects the brain?

Singing is a fun, relaxing and really interesting activity for all of us. It can do wonders, it brings in front great moments and in the end, it just helps you get to the...
How Microphones Work

How Microphones Work?

Microphones are very compact nowadays, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and types. But learning how the microphones actually work and understanding different types might be very useful and they could make your...
Can singing cause chest pain

Can singing cause chest pain?

There are lots of people that love singing. And why wouldn’t you? Singing is fun, it allows you to showcase emotion and just enjoy your abilities. Plus, it makes it a whole lot easier...
Are singing lessons necessary

Are singing lessons necessary?

Singing is a fun activity. It offers a whole lot of unique moments in your life, and it’s just one of the best ways to stay entertained. Plus, if you’re really good at it,...
Will singing lessons improve my voice

Will singing lessons improve my voice?

One of the best ways to improve your voice is to take singing lessons. But are this the true answer when you want to boost your voice, or is it just a marketing ploy...