Cyber Acoustics CVL-2001 USB Microphone cover


  • Great design and sturdy build quality
  • Has custom desk stand
  • Decent-length cable
  • Requires no installation or drivers
  • Great value for the price


  • Can pick up some noise that is close to the microphone, such as mechanical keyboard sound
  • Has no mute button


Considering the way Cyber Acoustics USB microphone is built and the complete design and simplicity of it really gives a great feeling about it. From performance to the looks, everything is top notch and there are even no major disadvantages.

It’s really well-priced, especially since it’s a microphone that can be easily compared with some expensive models. I’m sure it will serve you for any purpose and that you won’t be disappointed by going for¬†Cyber Acoustics.

Condenser microphones are great for podcasting, gaming sessions, vocal recordings, music, and even studio recording. If you’re looking for a condenser microphone, Cyber Acoustics CVL-2001 is a microphone you shouldn’t ignore.

Its multi-purpose recording will most likely match your needs, and for the price it costs – it offers a lot of value.

Design and Build Quality

Cyber Acoustics USB microphone comes with an adjustable stand that holds the microphone. The microphone itself has a great modern yet sleek design.

It’s made out of metal material which gives it a robust and reliable feel. It’s coated with a black coating which also gives it a minimalistic and modern design. It won’t distract you, but it will definitely catch people’s attention.

There is only one button at the top of the microphone, and a connection port at the back of the microphone. Such connection port placement helps to manage the cable and it will make sure the cable isn’t in your way. Plug type is the micro USB and it has a decent 1.5-meter length.

Simply plug the microphone into the computer’s USB port, and get started working on your project. There is absolutely no installation or drivers necessary. You can use the microphone for almost anything, from podcasting, gaming, and even to vocal studio recordings.

It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS x systems, but also with any electronic device that supports USB. The microphone length is only 5 inches, while the weight is around 3 pounds.

Audio and Quality Features

Cyber Acoustics USB microphone sounds very clear and it offers a true crisp sound that will match even the professional recording needs. It’s a condenser type USB microphone which offers a high quality by picking up the sounds very well thanks to the cardioid pick up pattern.

It handles the background noise very well by picking up the sounds that are closest to the microphone and eliminating the rest of the sounds in the background.

Cyber Acoustics USB microphone connects to the USB port on any USB supporting device, and it gets the necessary power through the USB port. Therefore, there is no additional power necessary. The microphone is also threaded at the bottom so it can be put on any other aftermarket stand.

What Is In the Box?

The packaging of Cyber Acoustics USB microphone is fairly simple. You will receive the Cyber Acoustics USB microphone, adjustable desk stand, and 1.5 micro USB to USB cable. There is also a 1-year warranty.