eBerry Cobblestone USB Microphone cover


  • Professional chip for studio quality recordings
  • Convenient features such as mute button and rotation
  • Cardioid pick-up pattern for improved quality
  • Simple, yet well-built sturdy design
  • Feels very quality, and is backed up with a 2-year warranty
  • Tripod stand comes in the packaging for free
  • Very easy to use straight out the box


  • USB cable isn’t very long


If you’re looking for USB microphone that will fit right into your budget, yet it will offer professional performance – you don’t need to think twice about eBerry Cobblestone.

It offers a lot of value for the price it costs, especially because of the benefits such as professional chip and cardioid pick-up pattern. There are even no disadvantages, other than the short USB cord which can be replaced.

If you’re looking for a professional USB microphone that will suit you for many different uses, eBerry Cobblestone might be a great microphone to look into. With its design and bunch of features, it can definitely compete with some more expensive high-end USB microphone out there.

Design and Build Quality

The design of eBerry Cobblestone is unique and authentic. It keeps the shape of old classic microphones, with a nice logo of a microphone at the front.

Hard plastic is the main material that is used, however, the microphone is very sturdy built.

Its simplicity still offers a few features in the design itself. There is a mute button which is located on top of the microphone for easy access. Next, to it, you can see the LED indicator which turns red from green when the microphone is muted.

Thanks to the specific design, the microphone feels very nice in hand, and it definitely feels sturdy and reliable.

Another great benefit is that it can be used for many different purposes. From acoustic instruments recording, vocal recording, to podcasting, gaming or just chatting – you name it.

It’s very easy to connect and use this USB microphone. Just plug in the USB cable, and you’re ready to go. There are no drivers necessary at all. Cable is very well managed, thanks to the tripod stand that comes with the microphone. Also, worth to mention, the microphone weighs only 1 pound.

Audio Quality and Features

eBerry Cobblestone features a professional chip for studio quality audio recordings. Needless to say, it’s really good at eliminating the surrounding noise and processing sound well.

It’s a condenser type USB microphone which has its own custom condenser capsule to reduce the background noise even better, yet it’s great at picking up almost every sound closest to the microphone.

Cardioid pick-up pattern helps a lot in reducing the side noise and makes this microphone perfect for instrument recordings.

Such features are usually seen in more expensive USB microphones, and that’s why eBerry Cobblestone microphone has such brilliant audio quality.

Connection happens through the USB port, and that’s how the microphone gets powered. There are no other batteries or charging necessary.

What’s in the Box?

The packaging of eBerry Cobblestone is straightforward and simple. You will get the eBerry Cobblestone USB microphone, custom tripod, USB cable, and the user manual, along with the 2-year warranty.