eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker cover


  • Clear audio that is specifically designed for audio meetings
  • Very easy to set up and use without any installation necessary
  • A powerful built-in battery that is rechargeable through any USB device, even a smartphone
  • Very compact and portable
  • Professional and sleek design that is durable and offers reliability
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Price is reasonable


  • The built-in microphone isn’t the best


Switching from a smartphone to conference speaker can make so many things easier for you. eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker has everything that anyone who’s doing a lot of conference calls would need.

It features all the benefits on top of the professional design that makes sure that the quality is delivered when it’s needed the most. I’d recommend it to everyone who’s in a need of a good speaker and a microphone that will help them with their work. The price might look pricey, but it’s worth it.

Doing work with associates that aren’t from the same town you have its advantages and disadvantages. Just like working online and remotely does. Conference calls are one of the most useful ways of business to business communication, yet only if you have the right tools for it.

eMeet OfficeCore M1 is a wireless conference speaker that is currently one of the best at the market, and it’s my number one choice, even when I’m on a go.

Design and Build Quality

eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker has a very low-profile and neat design, and surprisingly, it looks a lot like an Amazon Echo speaker.

It features a very slim, portable, and lightweight design that is made from brushed aluminum steel material that gives an amazing look to this speaker. It’s available in two different colors which are either black or silver.

The speaker itself is pretty minimalistic, yet there are the most useful buttons located at the top of the speaker such as a mute button, volume buttons, Bluetooth button and call button.

In hands, eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker feels very durable and comfortable to hold and have.

Its main intended use is for conference calls where the most important thing is to hear crystally clear people on the other end.

eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker weighs only about 1.30 pounds which makes it super easy to take with you in a pocket.

Audio Quality and Features

Don’t let the size of eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker fool you. This microphone features 360 omnidirectional audio speaker that makes sure everyone in the room hears the same and gets the same audio quality.

It’s specifically customized for smaller or medium meetings. It offers a crystal clear voice experience that will make sure everyone in the room understands the speaker well.

It connects through Bluetooth only, and it features a 5200 mAh battery. It’s a rechargeable battery that can support you up to 12 hours of use and yet it doesn’t take longer than an hour or hour and a half to get fully recharged. The Bluetooth distance it can reach is up to 65 ft.

eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker supports up to 26 ft. of crystal clear audio quality thanks to the built-in algorithm that suppresses noise, cancels echo, and boosts vocals.

What Is In the Box?

When you order and finally receive eMeet OfficeCore M1, inside, you will find eMeet OfficeCore M1 Wireless Conference Speaker, user manual, and the USB charger.