Fifine 669b Metal USB Microphone cover


  • Minimalistic sleek design
  • Great build quality
  • Durable materials used
  • Easy to use straight out of the box
  • Convenient features
  • Suitable for many recording needs
  • Price is reasonable


  • The stand adjustment screw can get loose over time


eBerry Cobblestone USB Microphone is a really solid microphone in both build and audio aspects. It’s also suitable for many different intends of use. Also, the custom adjustable tripod that comes with eBerry Cobblestone USB Microphone makes it very convenient for use.

Manufacturers really did a great job and they offer such microphone at a really reasonable price. It’s a great microphone that will give you a lot of value for the price you pay, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint you.

Quick and easy to use, yet professional level USB microphone can be hard to find. Especially if you’re trying to find the USB microphone that will be reliable and last for long.

Fifine 669b is USB microphone made out of complete metal that protects the integrity of the microphone, but are you curious to see what else is so good about it?

Design and Build Quality

Design of Fifine 669b is kept very minimalistic and simple but is packed with a bunch of useful features. It’s ergonomically built so it can fit anyone’s needs.

The complete microphone is made out of metal which offers durability and resistance to damage. It’s coated in a sleek black color for an even nicer look. It feels very durable and premium.

At the front, there is a special volume button featured which allows you to have a volume at the hand reach. Great thing is that even mute button is integrated into the same button for keeping the minimalistic design.

eBerry Cobblestone is suitable for many usual needs, and you will never be disappointed with the recording quality.

eBerry Cobblestone connects with a USB cable that is positioned well at the bottom of the microphone. Also, thanks to the adjustable tripod, cable management is great.

The connection is easy since the microphone is ready out of the box, without any drivers necessary. And another great benefit is the weight, which is only 1.26 pounds.

Audio Quality and Features

eBerry Cobblestone is a condenser USB microphone for digital recording. It features a cardioid pickup pattern which is really great at picking up the vocals and eliminating the background noise.

The audio recording quality is crystally clear and crisp enough so you never need to raise your voice to get it picked up by the microphone.

It offers a smooth and extended frequency response which will improve the way you record audio. The volume control will allow you to adjust the recording audio volume, which makes eBerry Cobblestone suitable for many needs.

Connection happens through the USB cable and USB port, which makes this microphone very easy to use straight out of the box. There is also no need for any battery, phantom power, or charging at all.

What is in The Box?

When you receive the packing of eBerry Cobblestone USB microphone, you will receive the eBerry Cobblestone USB microphone, custom tripod stand, USB cable, and user’s guide for your convenience.