Fifine K058 Usb Plug & Play Condenser Microphone cover


  • Very sensitive microphone, suitable for a variety of situations
  • Durable metal construction
  • Plug and play experience


  • There can be some clarity issues at times
  • The added plastic may fail at times


Despite a few minor design mishaps, the Fifine K058 Plug & Play Condenser Microphone is a solid product that does wonders when you use it, especially for professional content. It works great, it works exactly the way you want it and it delivers astonishing benefits very fast. You should totally check it out and at least give it a try if possible, you will be amazed with it and the value that it delivers!

The Fifine K058 Plug & Play Condenser Microphone is one of the latest models that microphone lovers will love quite a lot. And there’s a lot to be had from that perspective. This microphone is all about sensitivity, and it does a really good job at that. It integrates some of the coolest features when it comes to condenser microphones and it also offers a tremendous value and quality unlike anywhere else.


For a lot of customers, the Fifine K058 design will stand out. Why? Because the unit has a great adjustable stand and a wonderful anti-wind foam cap as well as a steel protective cap too. The golden accent on the steel condenser are standing out quite a lot, and that’s maybe the coolest thing about the entire unit as a whole from a visual standpoint. Aside from the stand and aforementioned filters, there’s not a whole lot of stuff to be had in the game, but that doesn’t really matter that much in the end, as the unit is solid and really good.


Why would you opt for the Fifine K058 Plug & Play Condenser Microphone? Maybe the best thing about it is that it has a focus on very low noise. It’s a smooth unit and it has an extended frequency response. Plus, you can use it for just about anything you want, which includes home studio recordings, field recordings, podcasts and so on.

The cardioid polar pattern does a very good job at recording everything with great clarity. The unit will always make sure that you listen to everything clearly and all the recorded sounds match the initial recording 100%.

You will not need a driver to use the Fifine K058. They added plenty of interesting customization options, and the nicest part about all of this is that you receive a plug and play experience that’s actually worth your time. And it works on just about any platform, which means the software support is actually very good.

The 75 inch USB cable offers great connectivity. There was no signal loss while using the unit, and you will be quite impressed with the amazing experience and astonishing results that you can get from this. Also, the stand is very good at removing any potential table shakes, so the sound is always crisp and natural.