How to Connect USB Microphone to iPhone

You’ve bought your brand-new USB microphone, and most likely you can’t wait to try it out, right? Every USB microphone is different. However, every one of them comes with everything necessary to be connected in a certain way.

Since they’re called USB microphones, they can be 100% connected to any computer using the cable provided. At the same time, most of the USB microphones can be connected to other devices and gadgets such as iOS devices, including iPhone. Even so, there is one thing you need and one thing you should know before connecting your USB microphone to your iPhone.

It’s pretty straightforward and simple, but to eliminate the confusion and any sort of disappointment, we’ll explain it briefly right here. So stay tuned, because you’re only a step away from connecting your USB microphone with your iPhone, and only minutes away from your first recording.

As promised earlier, there is only one thing you will need, and if you’re lucky enough, you might have it right next to you. USB microphones usually come with the micro USB to USB cable. However, some of the USB microphones come with two cables. Another cable is the lightning cable, the one that you need to connect your iPhone.

If you have the lightning USB cable that will help you connect the micro USB from your microphone to your iPhone’s USB-c port – you’re ready to go.┬áSome manufacturers provide users with such cable, but in case you didn’t get it – don’t worry. It’s pretty universal cable and it’s very cheap to get. You will be able to find it in any tech store.

How to Connect

At the one end it’s micro USB and at the other end, it’s USB-C which lets you connect the USB microphone to your iPhone and other iOS devices.┬áSimply plug in the USB cable in both ports, and you’ll have the iPhone paired. It will be loaded as an external microphone.

From there, you can go to the recorder and test it out. If it works, feel free to download and use any app that will help you with your recordings. Some USB microphones are specially made for iOS devices. But even if your microphone wasn’t, it will work just fine.