How to Connect USB Microphone to Laptop

USB microphones have one big advantage that modern technology helped us to gain. It can record digital signal directly without having to record through the analog signal and transfer it into digital. Every laptop and computer supports USB connection and it was really a smart move to start producing USB microphones.

USB ports will not die soon as it constantly gets upgrades. For that reason you won’t regret if you purchase a USB microphone. If you still can’t decide whether you should get USB or analog type microphone, there are microphones that have dual connection types. Let’s have a look into how do you actually connect your new USB microphone to your laptop.

USB microphones have one of the easiest connections possible. One of the biggest reasons for that is the universality of USB ports, and plug n play option, which is available for most USB gadgets and devices, including USB microphones. The connection is established through the USB cable which is most of the time the micro USB to USB cable. It’s also pretty universal cable, and if you aren’t happy with the quality or length of your cable you could easy purchase another one.

What Will You Need to Connect Your USB Microphone to Your Laptop

USB connections are made simple, and they will always stay like that. Good thing is that the speed performance is improved with improved USB versions such as 3.0. To connect your USB microphone, you will only need a laptop with at least one USB port available, and USB cable.

You will receive the cable with your USB microphone, no matter which one you choose. They always come packaged together with the microphone. However, it’s most likely that you already have that cable, and you might have used it for a different purpose earlier, and it could come handy now if the length is satisfying.

How to Connect

To connect the USB microphone to your laptop, take the USB cable and connect one end to the USB microphone, and another end into your laptop. That’s all you have to do to make it work. However, make sure that you’ve properly connected it.

A loose connection might result in problems. Once you’ve connected your microphone to your laptop, all you have to do is simply test your microphone in your Windows. In case your mic needs a driver to work properly, you should definitely follow the instructions and install it to make sure the USB microphone is working correctly. That’s it, fast and easy.

Connecting your USB microphone to your laptop is fairly quick and simple, and anyone even without any tech experience will be capable to do it. Most of the USB microphones are plug n play so can use it straight out of the box, after connecting it to your laptop. It shouldn’t take your more than 5 minutes to connect the USB microphone, test it, and start recording. Happy recording!