How to Test USB Microphone on MAC

Almost all USB microphones that are compatible with Windows operating system, will be compatible with MAC OS X and other operating systems. While there are people who aren’t big fans of MAC computers and laptops, they’re still fairly simple and very straightforward when it comes to a clear purpose such as audio recordings. If you have never used MAC laptop or computer, you might need some time to get used to the differences. However, you shouldn’t worry about it because testing your USB microphone on MAC computers and laptops is still pretty simple. Some people swear that it might be even simpler than Windows. So let’s have a look at how it’s done.

How To Do The Test?

The first step in testing your USB microphone on MAC would be to connect the USB microphone to your MAC laptop or computer. While MAC’s usually have a lot of Apple patented ports such as MagSafe and Thunderbolt, USB’s are pretty the same. They’re just like any other USB you can find on Windows computers.

The connection is made through the USB cable you’ve received with your USB microphone. Simply connect one end in the USB microphone and another end in the MAC computer. The process of testing the is very similar to Windows, and if it’s most likely that you’re familiar with how it’s done on Windows – you won’t have any problem doing it on MAC. Once you made sure that you’ve properly connected your microphone to your MAC, here’s what you should do next.

  1. Click the Apple menu and then click on System Preferences. In there find a Sound which has a speaker icon. Click on it and a new dialog window will pop up.
  2. In Sound window, you will have three different tabs you can choose from. Tab you should click on is the last tab in that row named Input.
  3. When you click on Input tab, you will see a list of microphone devices. You will find your external USB microphone listed by its name.
  4. Simply click on the name of your USB microphone to select it and then you will see a slider underneath. Move the slider to the left or right to manage the desired input level. It’s not necessary, but you can test it to see which way it works better.
  5. After that, speak into your microphone and have a look at the input level bar below. If your microphone is working, you will see a visual feedback of the moving bar. That’s how you will know whether your USB microphone is working on your MAC or not.

I would highly recommend you to always test your USB microphone after you connect it to your MAC laptop or computer. You will just make sure that it’s working properly, but other useful features such as Input Volume might help you adjust your USB microphone settings for even better recording.