How to Test USB Microphone on Windows 7 8 & 10

Most of the USB microphones I came across and I reviewed, almost 95% of them is ready to be used straight out of the box. There is no driver installation necessary, or setting up. The main advantage of USB microphones is the plug n play feature. However, sometimes the USB microphone might not perform the best way it can until you do some tweaking on your computer. Since your computer serves as a driver, the main audio settings should be set up if they aren’t satisfying enough. Therefore, don’t rush into judging the microphone, but take a few minutes and make sure that your microphone is recognized and set up properly on your Windows computer. It will take you only a few minutes once you try the microphone for the first time, and never again unless you make some changes or decide to tweak the settings even further.

How to Test USB Microphone on Windows 7?

Windows 7 was one of the most popular systems which found its glory after the Windows Vista. Even when Windows 8 came out, many users preferred Windows 7 over 8. Even now when there is Windows 10 commonly used, some users still like the Windows 7. The main reason for that is its simplicity. Its simplicity will help you test your new USB microphone in only seconds.

  1. To test the USB microphone on Windows 7, the first step would obviously be connecting the microphone.
  2. The easiest way then to test the microphone would be to do the right-click on a volume button in your taskbar. Then, select “recording devices”.
  3. Then, a new dialog box will pop up and it will have 4 different tabs featured. You will want to focus on the tab that says “recording”.
  4. Under recording tab, you will see your microphone’s name, and you will see a bar which would be showing whether your microphone is receiving the audio or not.

You are also able to check the properties of your microphone in that particular tab. If your system allows you the monitoring feature, you might even be able to echo the microphone through your speakers which is a great way to test the USB microphone. As mentioned before, Windows 7 is very well-known for its simplicity, and I find this to be the easiest way to test your new USB microphone. In case your USB microphone isn’t working, properties or troubleshooting will definitely help you.

How to Test USB Microphone in Windows 8?

Windows 8 has featured a different interface which wasn’t very liked by the Windows 7 users who were used to the simplicity. However, the easiest way to test your USB microphone in Windows 8 would be to go to control panel.

  1. Once you’re sure that your USB microphone is connected properly, head to the control panel and open ease of access. In there, you will see “set up microphone” which is located right under the speech recognition.
  2. Simply choose the name of your microphone in the settings, and click next for another step. You will just have to go through a few screens, but the most important screen that you will come across is “Adjust the microphone volume” screen.
  3. There, you will see a bar. Then the only thing you have to do is talk. It’s most likely that the bar will go green and will move to the right.
  4. Such visual feedback that you will see will confirm whether your microphone is working or not, and that’s why this test in Windows 8 is great, yet it’s pretty straightforward.
  5. After you’ve tested your USB microphone in the wizard, simply press next to continue going through the wizard. After a step or two, the wizard will be finished, and you’ll successfully finish testing your brand new USB microphone.

In case you don’t see any visual feedback, it’s most likely that you haven’t chosen the right USB microphone, or you haven’t properly connected the USB microphone.

Most of the USB microphones are plug n play, but if your USB microphones require an installation, you will have to install a driver or any software that is recommended by the manufacturer to get the USB microphone working properly. The whole testing shouldn’t take your longer than a few minutes, and you will be ready with your new USB microphone in no time.

How to Test Your USB Microphone on Windows 10

Windows 10 has some of the most valuable features from Windows 7 returned back, and the process of testing USB microphone on Windows 10 is very similar to the Windows 7 testing process.

  1. To test your USB microphone on Windows 10, locate the volume icon on your taskbar. Then do a right-click on the volume icon and press the recording devices.
  2. When the recording devices open, you will see a new pop up with 4 different tabs, just like it is in Windows 7. Go to the recording tab, if it isn’t opened yet, and simply choose your USB microphone. You will most likely see the brand name and model of your USB microphone.
  3. In there, you will also see the bar that will light green and it will have a visual effect as you speak into your USB microphone.

When the bars are moving properly, that means that your computer has recognized your new USB microphone and is picking up the sounds. However, if the bar isn’t working and showing green visual effect, your USB microphone isn’t set up properly and therefore, your computer isn’t picking up the sounds through the microphone.

Simply check the USB microphone settings once again, check whether you’ve properly connected the USB microphone, and give the test another try. If your USB microphone requires some sort of drivers or software installation, make sure that you install it first before testing your USB microphone. If not, there is even a troubleshooting feature that might help you find out why isn’t your USB microphone working properly.

It’s most likely that you’re familiar with Windows systems and there haven’t been many changes, other than the interface change in Windows 8. However, the settings stayed the same, and it’s still fairly simple to test the microphone.