KLIM K20 Desktop USB Microphone cover


  • Great sound quality
  • Plug n play, no need for installation
  • Suitable for gaming, voice recording, Skype conversations
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Comes with a very stable stand
  • Convenient quick buttons for mute and volume control


  • LED light isn’t showing properly whether the microphone is on or off


If you’re a gamer who would like to have a separate microphone from the headset, you should definitely purchase KLIM K20.¬† It’s suitable for many purposes other than gaming and is built to last which can definitely be seen on the product.

The price is good, and it offers a lot more for the money. Therefore, I am sure you won’t regret buying KLIM K20 USB microphone.

Being the best at the gaming is usually not a one man’s job and you will need a great microphone to communicate with your team. KLIM is a perfect USB microphone which is specially designed for gamers, and therefore, it comes with all the perks that will help gamers take their game to another level.

Design and Build Quality

KLIM K20 looks very modern and features a futuristic design. Everything about it says gaming. It’s made from hard plastic, and it’s colored in two main colors which are black & red.

Such color combination really makes the microphone stand out and gives it an aggressive sleek look. It feels really good in a hand, and it looks premium.

It’s suitable for any vocal recordings, and it’s perfect for gamers no matter if you’re using a Windows computer, Apple computer, or even gaming on a console such as PS4.

Simply plug the USB cable in, and you’re ready to go. It uses USB cable as connection and as a power source, and it’s well-made so the cable is always at the back and will never go in the front.

KLIM K20 weighs only 270 g, and the great thing is that you can rest your phone on the stand as well.

Audio Quality and Features

KLIM K20 sounds great for vocal recording purposes. It’s a highly sensitive microphone which also features an audio filter that eliminates background noise and focuses on the voice. KLIM will also provide you an anti-pop filter which will reduce any noise that is close to the microphone, such as keyboard sound.

It’s an Omni-directional¬†polar pattern which is very suitable for voice recordings since it’s sensitive, yet it’s not sensitive enough to pick up noise around the primary recording sound. In general, KLIM K20 USB microphone sounds great overall, and it can easily be compared with higher priced USB microphone models.

Connection happens through the USB, and KLIM K20 gains the necessary power through USB port and cable. Therefore, no additional batteries or power sources are necessary. There is no charging either. Simply plug it in and record.

What Is In the Box?

When you order KLIM K20 USB microphone and you receive the packaging, you can expect to receive the KLIM K20 USB microphone that comes with an integrated desk stand and USB cable, 2-year warranty, Amazon 30-day return, and on your email, you will receive a manual in digital .pdf format.