• Durable rugged body from the metal mixture
  • Offers high output with a low noise
  • Eliminates surrounding and handling noise very well
  • ON/OFF external switch for easier usability
  • Great, sleek, and comfortable design
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with a 15ft cable


  • Cable is very fragile and could’ve been made a bit better


Nady SP-4C definitely isn’t the microphone for a professional use, but it will do the job for many other purposes.

It comes equipped with a lot of features that improve the sound quality, and it also has a decent-sized cable. Having a look at the price, it’s easy to figure out that Nady SP-4C microphone offers a lot for the price it costs, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you aren’t very familiar with the microphones and equipment, purchasing the microphone which comes with the cable already will save you a lot of time.

Nady SP-4C is a very affordable microphone that has a lot to offer, and guess what? It comes with its cable included in the price.

Design and Build Quality

Nady SP-4C features the standard microphone body, yet it looks very sleek at the first look. That’s mostly due to the great looking black color and use of the zinc die-cast and steel mesh.

Although the microphone looks very neat, there is only one button at the front which is ON/OFF button. It can also be used as a mute button which is very useful to have.

The microphone feels very nice in hand, mostly due to the mix of metal material and for its design as well. It’s definitely durable and can resist some pressure and damage.

It’s a microphone which is very versatile and it can be used for many different purposes. It’s the best stage use and in-studio vocals recording.

Nady SP-4C is a wired microphone which comes with a suitable 15 ft XLR to 1/4 cable. It’s located at the bottom which provides tangle-free experience even during the live performance.

Audio Quality and Features

Nady SP-4C has a great audio quality and it offers a full-range response with a mid-range presence. Therefore, the sound is very clear and has a nice punch to it.

It also features neodymium elements that are powerful enough to cut through even the loudest sound pressures without compromising any sound. There is also an advanced capsule which is made to minimalize the handling noise.

Nady SP-4C’s polar pattern is cardioid which works very well in combination with neodymium elements. It provides a superior feedback and noise rejection and elimination. That way, the microphone can reach a high gain before the feedback kicks in.

Connection happens through the XLR output which allows you to connect it with a few different devices. It requires no phantom power since it gets the power from the device it’s connected to through the cable.

What Is In the Box?

When you order and finally receive the Nady SP-4C, you can expect to see the Nady SP-4C microphone, and its 15 ft long XLR to 1/4 cable. There is also the user’s manual which can help you to put the microphone to work in only a few minutes.