Nady WPM-2U UHF-3 Conference Microphone cover


  • Equipped with professional features
  • Can operate within 250 feet line of sight
  • Low-noise circuitry which makes sure there is no noise at all
  • The receiver is very compact with folding antennas
  • Crystal clear and loud sound without any dropouts
  • Durable and reliable stand and microphone
  • On/off the mute button
  • Price is affordable for this piece that performs flawlessly


  • It’s based on a single fixed-frequency so it might not be compatible with pairing two or more microphones


Such a professional microphone with its receiver offers a full system and everything you would need to have one of the best conference microphones.It’s equipped with a lot of professional-grade features and functions that make this microphone very easy to use, while it provides the best possible audio quality.

Also, consider the price it sells for – it’s definitely a no-brainer, and you should get one for yourself. Your audience will thank you.

Having appropriate microphone for a conference is one of the most important things you should take care of. If you want to be heard, you have to make sure you’re heard the best possible.

That’s when Nady WPM-2U UHF-3 Conference Microphone becomes handy. It will take your conference speeches to another level and let’s have a look why.

Design and Build Quality

Nady WPM-2U UHF-3 Conference Microphone looks very professional and it has everything you’d want your conference microphone to have.

It features a great minimalistic stand and a thin microphone which won’t cover your whole mouth, yet it will make sure that you’re heard well no matter how big is the venue.

It’s made from a robust plastic material that offers reliability and durability in the moments when you need it the most.

Nady WPM-2U UHF-3 Conference Microphone comes only in a black color which is sleek, yet subtle enough. It will never attract attention no matter where you place it.

Even though it’s keeping the minimalistic design, there is only one button on the stand which is an ON/OFF button. It’s very useful to have a mute button during conferences.

There’s also a low-battery LED indicator. It’s also worth to mention that this microphone weighs less than 4 pounds.

Audio Quality and Features

Nady WPM-2U UHF-3 Conference Microphone is unidirectional condenser microphone that is made to be used as a podium microphone for various occasions.

The microphone sounds crystally clear, and loud enough no matter the size of the venue. The connection happens wirelessly through the half-rack receiver that features dual antennas.

It gives clear UHF channel for an effortless audio transaction within a range of up to 250 ft. Background noise is very well eliminated since this microphone features low-noise circuitry that has a 120dB dynamic range, yet the least amount of noise possible.

Wireless connection happens between the microphone and the receiver that comes together. It’s based on the UHF channel, which has no problem with a long distance sound.

When the battery is low, the LED indicator will light orange as a warning, and then the battery should be replaced.

What Is In the Box?

When you order Nady WPM-2U UHF-3, inside the packaging, you will receive Nady WPM-2U UHF-3 Conference Microphone, its compatible UHF-3 receiver, DC cable adapter for the receiver, user manual, and a warranty.