NeWisdom K10 Kids Microphone cover


  • One of a kind microphone for kids
  • Helpful with learning process
  • Offers different sounds
  • Easy to connect
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery lasts for long
  • Unique design
  • Price is reasonable


  • The sound has a lot of echo in it when it’s projected through the speaker


Considering it’s a microphone toy, it’s really well built. It consists of everything that more expensive microphones do, and yet it has added modifications for kids to enjoy.

It’s a great sounding microphone in general with a unique design. I’m pretty sure that there’s no kid who isn’t going to like having fun with this microphone.

For the price, it’s definitely worth it.

Is there any better way to have fun with your kids other than karaoke? It’s pretty common for kids to love singing, and with the help of NeWisdom, it’s easy to give your kids what they love.

It’s a specially designed karaoke microphone for kids that will enjoy every minute of it, and let’s see why.

Design and Build Quality

NeWisdom K10 kids microphone features a unique design that’s really cool and lovely, and there’s no kid who won’t like it.

It’s a shaped into a giraffe and it’s available in two different colors – yellow and pink. There’s also a princess design in pink color which is suitable for girls.

Such ergonomically design offers a great grip which is easy to hold by kids since it’s not bulky at all. Therefore, even the youngest kids will feel easy to use it.

NeWisdom K10 kids microphone is made from robust plastic material and is coated with a soft rubber for better feel.

On the side, you will find the most useful buttons that are simple for kids to use. It features 5 different sounds and is even suitable for language learning.

It’s made for kids’ entertainment, learning, and fun. Who knows, it might become your kids’ next favorite toy.

Audio Quality and Features

Even although microphone might look very childish, it has a great material and production behind it. It features German import double head shape and two high fidelity loudspeakers.

The microphone sounds very good considering it’s a kids microphone. It’s built just like any other microphone is, without any exceptions.

Voice changing feature consists of 5 different voices that include female voice, men’s voice, robot voice, original sound, and echo sound.

Background noise is reduced to minimum and NeWisdom made sure that there is no static noise or any disturbing sounds that might scare off the kids.

NeWisdom K10 kids microphone connects wirelessly, yet it has the ability to connect through USB cable. It’s also the way it charges. Simply plug it into the computer or a power bank and the charging will start itself.

There is even a TF card port so your kids can enjoy their favorite songs over and over by a simple press of a button.

What Is In the Box?

When you place an order and receive the packaging, inside the package, you will find NeWisdom K10 kids microphone, micro USB cable for charging, and user’s manual.

There’s also a 24-month warranty that comes included with the purchase.