Samson Go Mic Portable USB Microphone cover


  • Unique compact design
  • Great build quality
  • Two pickup patterns
  • No installation required
  • Professional audio specs
  • Price is very cheap
  • Suitable for any computer system
  • Useful accessories
  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy usability


  • The clip that is used to attach the microphone to the laptop’s screen is a bit sensitive
  • It works better with Windows system than Mac OS


If you’re looking for a microphone that will help you keep recording while on a go, it’s a jackpot. It’s very compact, can be used straight out of the box, and the audio quality is amazing for such a small USB microphone.

The price point is even better, and the value to price ratio is very great. I’d recommend you to purchase two since it’s selling for such a great price. You will always have one as a backup, and I’m sure you will love the build quality in combination with the audio specs.

It’s always great to have such handy portable USB microphone because you never know when you might really need it. And it could definitely save your life, that’s for sure.

If you’re looking for the most portable USB microphone you can find on the market right now, you’re looking right at it.

Samson Go Mic is a portable USB microphone that has one of the most fascinating and useful designs out there which will make a recording of a go easier.

Being ready at any moment with a voice recording device that is ready to be used straight out of the box is really priceless. On top of that, having professional audio specs inside the most compact USB microphone you’ll ever see helps a lot.

And the best thing comes at last, which is the price. You will be surprised. It will work even if you’re on a very tight budget – and you won’t definitely be able to find a better USB microphone for the price.

So stay tuned for the quality of this little thing. It will most likely amaze you. Or at least it did me.

Design and Build Quality

Samson Go Mic features unique portable design. It has its own compact cover stand that is attachable to laptops. It’s great for transport, and when you plan to use the microphone – simply flip it out.

It’s made from a hard plastic material that is in silver color, and there is also an aluminum grill that features two sides, so there are two colors – black and silver. Such grill color combination stands out and doesn’t give this USB microphone the “old boring look” we can see most of the time.

At the front, you will find green LED light, while micro USB port and 3.5 mm jack are located on the side. It’s pretty minimalistic, and there are no buttons at all. However, the usage is very simple that you won’t even need the user’s manual.

It’s perfect for voice recognition software, webcasting, and other voice use. Since it features dual pickup pattern, which we will discuss more in-depth later, it’s suitable for both vocals and instrumental recordings.

In hands, Samson Go Mic feels really compact and durable – which is very important for recording on a go. Such excellent build quality is mostly due to the robust & quality materials that were used. Otherwise, such compact design would have a lot of problems, especially during transport.

The connection happens through the USB cable, and there is no charging necessary at all. There are no batteries required or other power sources as well. The USB cable is of a decent length. We can say it’s perfect. It’s not too long, yet not too short which fits well with its compactness.

It’s ready to be used straight out of the box, it requires no drivers at all, and there is no installation required. Simply plug it in using the USB cable and start recording in seconds.

Audio Quality and Features

Samson Go Mic is a condenser type microphone which has a professional audio reproduction that is very satisfying for voice recordings and even the instrumental recordings.

The great thing about this microphone is that it features two pickup patterns, and you can choose which you would prefer to use. It features cardioid and Omni polar patterns. Cardioid pattern is suitable for voice recordings, while the Omni polar pattern is great for instrumental recordings.

Omni polar pattern will help you record the whole room you’re in, which is great for band instrumental recordings, or for more speakers at once. However, make sure to use omni polar pattern only when you aren’t in a crowded space. Otherwise, you could experience a lot more noise.

That way, background noise is definitely limited due to the ability to choose the special pickup pattern for your needs. The microphone is sensitive, but you just have to choose the right pickup pattern to eliminate the noise. It will make sure you have the right recording tool when you’re on a go, even if you find yourself in the most crowded place out there.

Frequency response is from 20 Hz to 18 kHz, and the resolution is 16-bit / 44.1 kHz.

Samson Go Mic is packed with professional audio specifications in a very compact and portable design. You will always have a clear and professional audio quality reproduction that can be even compared to the studio quality.

Simply connect the microphone using the USB cable that is provided, and you’re ready to record. There is no installation or setup necessary.

Also, Samson Go Mic gets the necessary power through the USB port of the device it’s connected to, so there is no additional power source or charging necessary.

What Is In the Box?

When you receive the packaging of Samson Go Mic, you will receive the Samson Go Mic USB microphone, micro USB to USB cable, cable clip, and a carry case.

If you choose to purchase a version that includes in-ear headphones, you can expect to receive them as well.