Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone cover


  • Largest condenser diaphragm
  • Compatible with any computer and iOS device
  • Professional studio recording quality
  • Suitable for both vocal and instrumental recording
  • Unique design that combines old-school and modern design
  • Sturdy construction and a great choice of materials
  • Custom-designed stand with adjustable height
  • The solid price that matches more than the expected value
  • The mute button is very handy


  • Mute button picks up some static noise when pressed, but it lasts only for a second
  • Front volume adjustment button offers a lot of resistance and takes mostly two hands to be adjusted


Samson is a leading brand and their USB microphones never disappoint. Therefore, I would highly recommend anyone to really look into their microphones because you won’t waste any more time. Samson Meteor USB microphone provides top-notch, professional quality sound that has a lot of benefits and features.

Considering the ratio of pros and cons, it’s pretty straightforward in favor of the pros. There are almost none cons and the ones that I listed above aren’t that major at all.

The best thing about Samson Meteor USB microphone is the price point. I think we can easily agree that Samson Meteor USB microphone offers a lot more value than its price.

Samson is one of the top brands in the world of USB microphones, and it’s often compared to other best USB microphones such as Blue Snowcat. It’s needless to say that the Samson has a large group of fans around the world which really reflects on the quality of the USB microphone itself.

If you’re looking for a rich audio recording quality that you can get from USB microphone that requires no installation at all – you’re looking at the right product for the purchase. It’s a great USB microphone with a lot of perks and benefits, so stay tuned and let’s have a look.

Design and Build Quality

Design of Samson Meteor USB microphone combines both vintage old-school and modern design. Such combination gives us a perfect minimalistic, yet very sleek design of the microphone.

Samson Meteor uses a robust plastic material that has gives the microphone a great feel in hands, while at the same time it offers reliability and durability. There is only one main color of the Samson Meteor USB microphone which is black.

Combination of such design and coating really makes this microphone stand out in a good way. No matter what type of interior and desk setup do you have, it will fit perfectly into your surroundings.

Since the design of Samson Meteor USB microphone is pretty minimalistic, it has only one button at the front which is a round button and it doesn’t look like a button at all. It’s very subtle and therefore it keeps the minimalistic design in place.

However, on the back of this USB microphone, you can find two ports for 3.5 mm audio jack and micro USB port. They’re both very well placed, and even if you connect two cables into the microphone, well-placed cable management will make sure that cables never bother you during your recordings.

Samson Meteor USB microphone comes with a custom desk stand. It’s foldable which improves the portability, but also you can remove the microphone from the stand to get even more positioning options.

This USB microphone is perfect for vocal and acoustic recordings, and adjusting the height also helps a lot. It’s suitable for chatting, voice recognition, and recordings of a studio quality.

The simplicity of connection is very amazing. Connect the USB microphone to a computer through the USB cable and you’re ready to go. Cable is of a decent length and won’t cause any problems. It provides a lot of lengths so you can place the USB microphone as close to yourself as you wish.

The microphone itself only weighs approximately 10.6 ounces which work well with its compactness and only boosts its portability.

It’s also worth to mention that it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X computers without any drivers necessary. However, you can use many apps and software to help yourself with the recordings.

Audio Quality and Features

Samson Meteor USB microphone produces rich and solid audio quality featuring one of the largest condensers diaphragms which are 25 mm. It’s the largest diaphragm available for any USB microphone on the market, currently.

So it’s a condenser type USB microphone with 16-bit and 44.1 / 48 kHz resolution. It will make sure that your recordings are studio quality, no matter what is it you’re recording.

It also features a smooth and flat frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. It features cardioid pickup pattern that will make vocals definitely stand out. Cardioid pickup pattern is great at eliminating the background noise by focusing on picking up the closest sounds to the microphone without any disturbance.

With the biggest condenser diaphragms and cardioid pickup pattern, including the bunch of other features that just place the quality of this USB microphone to almost the most similar quality of the most professional USB microphones, your needs and requirements will be definitely satisfied.

For the price it costs, it’s definitely the best USB microphone in the price range that can be compared to the more expensive USB microphone models.

The connection happens through the USB cable which lets you connect the Samson Meteor USB microphone to either computer or even any Apple’s device such as iPad or iPhone through the lightning cable.

Since the connection happens through the USB port, there is no additional power source or battery charging necessary. Samson Meteor USB microphone gets the necessary power from the device it’s connected to.

Samson Meteor USB microphone provides such audio quality that leads to professional results and it’s suitable for any type of recordings, including both vocal and instrumental.

What’s In the Box?

Once you order Samson Meteor USB microphone and receive the package, here’s what you can expect to find inside.

You will get Samson Meteor USB microphone, custom desk stand, micro USB cable, lightning cable, and user’s manual. The microphone is ready to be used straight out of the box.