Shure MV5 Digital USB Microphone cover


  • Very modern design
  • Great build quality
  • Easy portability
  • Ergonomic stand
  • Custom app
  • Two connection cables
  • 3 different DSP presets
  • Built-in headphone output monitoring
  • Suitable for iOS devices


  • The cord of 3ft length is a bit limiting. However, you can replace the cable since it’s very universal
  • The voice setting preset might pick up ambient noise rather than the standard setting


Shure MV5 Digital USB Microphone is a very great looking USB microphone that is great for both voice and instrumental recording. It’s suitable for most modern devices nowadays, and it even has its own app to help you with your recordings.

The value it offers is pretty equal when we have a look at the price and consider all the benefits it offers. You won’t miss by going for Shure, and you will definitely have the coolest looking USB microphone out there.

If you’re an Apple product lover who’s looking for a perfect microphone that is suitable for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook – Shure MV5 Digital USB microphone is the right choice.

It’s specially designed for Apple devices and it has been certified so it is able to have direct connections to any iOS device.

Design and Build Quality

The look of Shure MV5 Digital USB Microphone is one of the modern looks you’ll ever see. It has a rounded design which is built from hard plastic and it looks basically like a premium ball.

It has an open-style grill with the red foam that makes it look vintage. There is also ergonomically shaped stand that goes well with the microphone’s design.

There are only two buttons at the top which let you choose the recording mode.

The design is a low-profile and it feels great even when used without the stand. It’s suitable for any type of recordings, and it’ll work the best with vocal or instrumental recordings. It’s supported by iOS and therefore, it will work on any iOS apps on the market.

It’s a wired-type microphone and the connection port is on the back. It leaves a plenty of room at the front and gives a tangle-free experience. The cord is about 3 ft long.

It can be connected to any iOS device and requires only one USB port, and the microphone weighs only around 9 ounces.

Audio Quality and Features

Shure MV5 Digital USB Microphone offers legendary performance, especially if used with a custom-designed app called ShurePlus MOTIV App.

It’s an electret condenser type microphone featuring cardioid pick up pattern. It also has available three different DSP modes for voice, instrumental, and flat recordings.

Connection happens with the micro USB cable through the USB port or USB-C lightning port. Even although it’s designed for iOS devices, it still can be used for Windows and Android devices.

Recording quality is up to 24bit / 48 kHz, and you will never need to charge the Shure MV5 Digital USB Microphone since it gets the necessary power from the device it’s connected to.

Background noise is very well reduced thanks to the different DSP modes that are available.

What Is In the Box?

In the Shure MV5 Digital USB Microphone packaging, you will receive Shure MV5 Digital USB Microphone, USB cable, lightning cable, and a custom-designed stand.