Shure PGA58-XLR Dynamic Vocal Microphone cover


• Great sound quality
• Rejects the unwanted noise fast
• Impressive package


• The included XLR cable is underwhelming and thin


As a whole, the Shure PGA58-XLR is a great package for people that are serious about recording their voice. It’s impressive, distinct and it brings in front some nice recordings all the time. That being said, adapting the unit is important, and it does provide you with the expected sound quality from an unit like this!

If you’re looking for a good quality in a microphone, you need to be prepared to spend quite a lot of time finding the best value. There’s a reason for that, if you’re on a budget it’s super hard to find the right unit for you, and that means removing some of the features you want just to reach a certain price. That’s why an unit at around $60 should be a good purchase. You have plenty of good features at this price, yet at the same time you don’t really need to invest that much either. In the end, it’s the stellar investment that you can make and it still delivers the type of value and quality that you can rarely find out there.


The Shure PGA58-XLR comes with a very simplistic design. It’s a cardioid unit, and it has its own cable in the package too. It’s not super large, so using it will be a nice and fun experience all the time. In addition, they did a very good job at offering you great value for the money with the build as a whole. It’s also important to note that despite having quite a lot of plastic, you still have a black metallic finish and grille. That leads to an unobtrusive visual presence. Which is something you need from an unit like this.


What you will appreciate here is that the microphone cartridge is tailored to any vocal range and frequency range without that much of a problem. Also, since this has a cardioid polar pattern, the unit will easily pick up audio from the source while removing unwanted noise. Usually this is hard to do, but the product does this naturally and without that much of an effort. Which in such a situation will work a lot better than expected.

You can get this with a 15-foot XLR-XLR or XLR-QTR cable. But you can get it without the cable if you want. They also added a switch which helps you turn the microphone on or off all the time. It’s definitely a great investment to consider and one that does tend to bring in front some nice options all the time.

What’s in the box?

There’s quite a lot of stuff here. You first have the microphone unit itself. There’s also a storage pouch that makes it easy for you to store or use the unit the way you want to. There’s a stand adapter as well. And of course you also get a cable for the unit as well. That all adds up to making the experience more interesting and rewarding in that perspective.