Shure SM48S-LC Vocal Microphone cover


• Great cardioid pattern that rejects the off-axis sound
• Lockable on/off switch
• Tailored for vocals


• It can have lots of noise at times
• No instructions


Despite a few mishaps like noise or the lack of instructions, the Shure SM48S-LC is a solid unit. It has great performance for the money, and it will just impress you in ways you would not imagine. People love using a microphone like this, and the fact that you do have an on/off switch is astonishing and unique. So yes, you should totally consider giving it a shot the best way you can!

When it comes to purchasing a microphone for your daily use, you really have to create a list with the necessary features. Sometimes this can end up being very tricky. And while it’s definitely a huge challenge to think about stuff like this, there’s no denying that the Shure SM48S-LC helps you immensely. At around $50, you get a good microphone with an on or off switch. If you just want one without the switch, you will pay around $30. So yes, the Shure SM48S-LC is an inexpensive unit, and you are not limited to just a single option, in fact there are multiple purchase options for you to take into account.


The Shure SM48S-LC design is a nice one. The plastic build is ok and it’s surpassed by the great metallic grille above it. All of this combined offers a very nice visual contrast. Plus, it goes to show that the return on investment can be a tremendous one without that much of an effort. The idea here is to adapt everything to suit your needs in a meaningful way.

Aside from that, the design is pretty simple and not that intrusive. It delivers exactly the features you want without being too in your face. And that honestly is a very good thing to take into consideration.


Right off the bat, the quality offered by the Shure SM48S-LC is above average. This is a unit that truly delivers the professionalism you expect at this price. It will not disappoint in any way, and it does bring in a stellar cardioid pattern that rejects the off-axis sound.

This particular version comes with a lockable switch that helps you turn the unit on or off at your own pace. That’s definitely going to come in handy, just because there are some incredible options to think about and the ROI can be huge without that much of a hassle here.

Based on our tests, the recordings were very accurate and the frequency response is tailored specifically for vocals. There’s a brightened mid-range and bass-roll-off. This is designed to control the proximity effect in meaningful ways, and it does work a lot better than you would imagine.

What’s in the box?

You only get the Shure SM48S-LC and its wire. It’s not exactly the ultimate package for you to purchase, but in the end it can bring you some nice benefits to explore and enjoy regardless of the package thinness.