SoundTech CM-1000 Conference Microphone cover


  • Amazing audio quality
  • Suitable to pick up sounds from 360 degrees around the microphone
  • Picks up even low volume voices well
  • Comes with noise canceling built-in features
  • Ergonomically shaped low-profile design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comes with additional necessary accessories
  • Price is very affordable


  • It doesn’t have a mute button which might be convenient


If you’re doing any type of work that requires you to record or have a microphone ready for conference calls, SoundTech CM-1000 Conference Microphone is definitely a smart choice. It’s made to pick up everything in the room, yet eliminate the noise and only pick up the voice sounds. Therefore, it’s great for anyone from conference calls, voice reporters, and many others. For the price, it definitely offers the value that’s expected.

Not every microphone will be suitable for your needs, and you shouldn’t either try them out until you find the one that will work well and meet all your needs. Better yet, you should find a microphone that is made exactly for the need you have. SoundTech CM-1000 is one of the best conference microphones out there, and here, you get to find out why.

Design and Build Quality

SoundTech CM-1000 Conference Microphone doesn’t look like a typical microphone at all, and most people wouldn’t even think of it as a microphone. It features a sleek and very low profile design which is made to be placed on a desktop during the conference calls. It’s ergonomically shaped and it looks very professional, I must admit. CM-1000 is made out of hard robust plastic material which is made in a way to provide as much reliability and durability possible.

Since it has a minimalistic type of a design, there are no buttons or knobs anywhere on the microphone. Therefore, it feels very sleek and premium in hands, and you don’t have to think about accidentally pressing a button during a call. It’s perfect for conference calls where you need a crystal clear microphone that eliminates background noise well, yet is suitable for multiple speakers. Also, there is no installation necessary and it takes only seconds to plug it into the device. The wire is placed behind the microphone which is very convenient, and it’s pretty lightweight. It weighs only about 5 ounces.

Audio Quality and Features

SoundTech CM-1000 Conference Microphone offers excellent audio quality and sounds very good and neat in general. It’s made to be used exactly for conference calls, making it super easy for people on the other end to hear you properly without any disturbing. Since it features a 360-degree omnidirectional microphone type, it’ll make sure that everyone’s heard no matter how far is someone from the microphone.

At the same time, any unnecessary noise will be reduced and eliminated thanks to the built-in echo cancellation mode. There is also noise reduction and full duplex communication featured in SoundTech CM-1000 Conference Microphone. This microphone connects through 3.5 mm jack and it comes with a 5 feet long cord.

What Is In the Box?

When you place an order and you finally receive a long-awaited package, inside, you will find a SoundTech CM-1000 Conference Microphone, its 5 ft. cord, and 3.5 mm stereo plug.