Stony Edge Simple Webcaster Conference Microphone cover


  • Specifically designed for online use
  • Works with almost any device and software
  • Sturdy and supportive construction
  • Eliminates noise such as keyboard sound very well
  • Offers mobility which is highly important nowadays
  • Easy attaching in seconds through 3.5 mm jack with no installation
  • Price is very affordable


  • Cable connectors could be of a better quality


In case you’re still stuck on a built-in microphone that picks up everything around you, don’t think twice.

Stony Edge Simple Webcaster Conference Microphone is a very affordable yet very effective microphone which was made for people who need the right tool for online use.

It comes with a lot of features, and it might not be the most professional microphone out there yet it’s the best one for the price it sells. I couldn’t recommend this microphone enough to my friends.

Podcasts are gaining more popularity constantly, and it’s most likely that you’re familiar with it. Listening to podcasts is very helpful but also saves the reading time.

But have you ever considered yourself to be speaking on one of the podcasts? In case you did, I wouldn’t recommend you to go with a built-in microphone.

There are many affordable microphones that will eliminate the noise and make your voice stand out, such as Stony Edge microphone, so let’s have a look.

Desing and Build Quality

Stony Edge Simple Webcaster Conference Microphone looks very simple and it might look just like any other standard microphone for the computer.

It has a great and stable stand and is pretty thin except the microphone protective foam at the top. It’s made from a combination of hard plastic material and aluminum for the best durability. Nobody wants to get their microphone broken during the podcast or any other type of webcast, right?

There are no knobs which look very minimalistic, and it comes only in one color which is fully black. I must admit that it looks very sleek and premium, but it also feels very good in hands.

It’s made for online use and you can use it in podcasts, online teaching courses, webcasts, YouTube and any other purpose. ¬†It’s also pretty portable so you can take it on a go and record from your phone.

It weighs only about 1 pound and it’s a wired microphone which has a great cable management through the velcro system.

Audio Quality and Features

Stony Edge Simple Webcaster Conference Microphone sounds crystally clear and loud enough without picking up any background noise.

It’s great for creating a high-quality sound across different mediums and it never disappoints. It offers a huge difference between built-in microphones and you shouldn’t even think twice about switching from built-in microphone nowadays.

There is definitely no feedback or pop sounds thanks to the built-in windscreen and a protective sponge on top of the microphone. It’s definitely a great feature which is one of the most necessary things when you’re recording or going live on a podcast.

Microphone sounds very good for the purpose it’s made, and it connects through 3.5 mm jack in only seconds. It’s compatible with any device that supports 3.5 mm jack such as smartphones.

What Is In the Box?

When you order and receive Stony Edge Simple Webcaster Conference Microphone, in the packaging, you will get a microphone and two audio cables for simple connecting.