Wishtime JL-8391 Kids Music Microphone cover


  • Great microphone recorder functionality
  • Voice changer for entertainment
  • Improves learning ability and learning musical toys
  • Easy to use buttons
  • Volume and sound is good
  • Unique design
  • Very interactive
  • Quality and fun design that is durable
  • Simple to use by kids
  • Price is definitely affordable


  • There are only 5 songs and they’re a pretty old school


If you’re looking to take the entertainment of your kid to another level then this microphone is the thing you need.

It’s very well built and it has everything that will boost the entertainment, yet also have a positive learning influence for a kid.

The price is reasonable and I don’t see a single reason why you shouldn’t surprise your kid with Wishtime JL-8391 Kids Music Microphone.

There’s no cutest sound than your kids’ voice when it’s singing its favorite song. And I agree, who wouldn’t enjoy that?

But how about you take your kids’ singing to the next level and purchase them their own microphone they will love? Wishtime produces one of the best kids microphones, and let’s check out why is that.

Design and Build Quality

Wishtime JL-8391 Kids Music Microphone at first might not even look like a microphone to you, but its unique design definitely looks fun.

It features a similar design to standard microphones, yet it’s made out of durable plastic material. It also comes in many different colors, and it has buttons all over the microphone.

The main color is yellow, while there are red, light blue, and light green colors featured, mostly on the buttons.

In hands, it feels more like a toy than a microphone, but it feels reliable and durable. It’s not easily breakable which is one of the most important things when purchasing something for a kid.

Its intended use is mostly for developing kids learning and having fun while learning new songs, or even recording their own.

Such design is made for kids to easily grip the microphone, and hopefully, they will never let go, yet will have hours of fun.

Audio Quality and Features

Wishtime JL-8391 Kids Music Microphone is more than a karaoke player, yet it’s a musical toy that helps kids in development.

In general, the sounds and songs that come equipped with the microphone sound really quality. They aren’t the ones that come equipped with basic toys, yet they’re quality ones.

The reason for that might be the quality of a loudspeaker. Recording your own songs and sounds is also quality and it surprised me even for the kid’s microphone. Even the background noise is very well eliminated, as much as it’s possible.

Wishtime JL-8391 Kids Music Microphone can’t connect to any other device, yet it has its own songs and recording feature.

It’s powered by 3 x AAA batteries which are replaceable once they are drained.

What Is In the Box?

When you order Wishtime JL-8391 Kids Music Microphone and receive it, inside the package you will find Wishtime JL-8391 Kids Music Microphone and user’s manual.

You will need to get 3 x AAA batteries since they don’t come included because of the shipping.